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I grew up in community theatre and that has driven my passion for storytelling and local businesses. After graduating with a degree in Acting I've pivoted toward digital content creation, particularly video production and social media management. I am a fast learner, a creative thinker, and love collaborating with a team and supporting local communities.

Working Cafe

I collaborate with teams on Canva to design social media graphics and to create title treatments for images. I plan content using digital project managers and use similar themes and colors to make content look branded.

Writing on Tablet

I write copy for captions that feels approachable and casual and infuses a brand with personality. I use keywords and specific hashtags that perform well with social media algorithms.

Video Editing

I shoot video and edit it for short social media content. I film B-roll and content that can be used and re-used in Reels and TikToks. I synchronize videos with trending audios to maximize viewership.

Social Media Design and Content Curation

Below you'll find some of the clients that I've designed graphics and videos for as well as content planning.

Refracted Theatre Company

I collaborate with the Artistic Director to plan content for our social media platforms. I copywrite captions and occasionally design graphics. I take photos and film videos during rehearsals, performances, and events to share online. I edit teaser videos designed for both our website and our social media accounts.

I'm also in charge of engagement with other accounts and cast members.

The Author's Write Hand

I designed the images for 3-5 authors's Instagram and Facebook accounts. The authors wrote their captions and then I designed the graphics and scheduled them. I created a unique brand for each client using individualized color schemes, fonts, and themes. I also edited and posted Reels.

I simultaneously managed the company's social media account. I created a content calendar for daily posts and designed graphics, filmed Reels, and scheduled the content for Facebook and Instagram.

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The Author's Write Hand

Gail Helgeson

Jacqueline Wheelock

Liana George, Author

I created monthly content calendars and designed the images and videos to go along with her captions. I occasionally wrote captions for her. I tracked down Reels audios for her to use and instructed her in how to film for trending content.